Social Platforms Are Live!

We are so pleased to announce that RSC is growing either further. This is without thanks to the massive influx of new users since the start of Season 6. However, we feel that we can expand even more. So we are pleased to announce that you can now keep up to date with all things […]

RSCast will be a thing from Monday!

There were rumours and now the myth has finally been busted. RSCast will start on Mondays and will feature some of RSC’s best casters, streamers and special guests. “You may have noticed that over the last 2 streams there have been some little teases of what is coming in the RSC, it’s time to announce […]

RSC EU launches their new website

Welcome to our new website! We are improving all the time and will be bringing you our latest updates here! Join in and play with us! Click here to join Discord