Weekly Round Up – Week 7


With week 7 coming to an end in RSC, here is your weekly round up.


Volvo V70 (1997) have hit a new gear this week having jumped up from 6th to 4th in the Elite standings. Moving down we have Castor with a series sweep and drawing with 2nd place Inferno. Bionic Beavers are down again, this time down to 11th at the close of week 7. That’s 3 consecutive weeks they’ve dropped positions. Can they make amends heading into week 8?

If we look to the top of the table, it’s to no surprise that we still see The Concealed at top spot.
They’ve put in a 6-2 week, ensuring they remain where they are. If we look at their remarkable 80.36% win rate, it’s safe to say they won’t be dropping anytime soon.

Last week it was mentioned that Chain-Dash had moved into 4th in the standings.
This week is completely different with Chain-Dash dropping all the way down to 7th. This means with 4 weeks left, they’re out of the playoffs. Chain-Dash will need to bounce back in week 8 if they want to keep their hopes alive. However, facing off against 2nd place Inferno in week 8 will not be an easy feat.

Rias Legion once again made some gains in the standings, this week gaining two positions.
And with playoffs only being 4 weeks away, they will want to keep this momentum going.
There are only 8 wins between 3rd and 9th as week 7 ends, this means so much is still at stake and every game counts.

WEEK 8 Predictions – Made by JSW of Iovi:

Iovi 2-2 Nocturne
Inferno 3-1 The Concealed
Bionic Beavers 0-4 Polaris
Volvo V70 (1997) 3-1 Senpais
Olympus 2-2 Rias Legion
Castor 0-4 Chain-Dash
Nocturne 3-1 Rias Legión
The Concealed 3-1 Senpais
Polaris 2-2 Olympus
Volvo V70 (1997) 2-2 Iovi
Bionic Beavers 3-1 Castor
Inferno 3-1 Chain-Dash


Have Blaze lost their spark? It might seem that way as week 7 ends they finish in 4th, compared to finishing in 2nd week 6. And, with only a gap of 5 games to be placed outside playoff qualification, they’ll need to reignite their flame to ensure their end of season placing.

Rhapsody might have also lost their melody as they themselves drop to 2nd.
Taking a heavy 3-1 loss to Ragnarok and a mellow draw to Otakus. Rhapsody will need to re-tune heading into week 8 and keep their eyes on regaining that 1st place in the standings.

Another week down and the stakes are even higher. Megumin Cult last week moved up into 6th, this week they ended down in 10th and out of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Android #16 have jumped up from 12th into 9th. They’ll be hoping they can continue this upward trend, seeming they only sit 3 games off a playoff position.

It has become even closer in Major, with 5 games separating 12th and 6th.
Now with 8 series left for all teams to play, any result now can truly turn the standings upside down. We might see Pollux who are currently 12th jump up into playoff contention; or we could see Android #16 dominate even further and put themselves into the top 6.

WEEK 8 Predictions – Made by Wolfy of Toyota Corolla (1995):

Saturnia 2-2 Rhapsody
Blaze 3-1 The Hidden
Android #16 4-0 Fusion
Toyota Corolla (1995) 3-1 Otakus
Megumin Cult 2-2 Ragnarok
Pollux 0-4 Flip-Reset
Rhapsody 3-1 Megumin Cult
The Hidden 2-2 Otakus
Fusion 1-3 Ragnarok
Saturnia 2-2 Toyota Corolla (1995)
Android #16 4-0 Pollux
Blaze 2-2 Flip-Reset


The top 4 in minor remain completely unchanged. But, if we look at the rest of the table there have been a total of 6 teams exchanging places. The biggest jump being Double-Tap jumping back with double series wins and moving themselves up into 8th.

Ember have fallen from a solid 5th in the standings down to 9th. They will need to refocus heading into week 8 as they come up against The Veiled and Double-Tap. Both series are massive and need to end in a win if they want to push themselves back up into a playoff position.

Currently sitting in fifth position, The Veiled will be focused on halting any progress from Ember and ensuring they can make some progress against 4th place Weeaboos. Just like the Major tier though, there are only 7 games between 12th place Valhalla and 6th place Uranum.

Any loss of concentration in any of the week 8 games, could have a massive impact on not only the standings but also the end of seasoning placings. All teams will want to ensure they are within an axle reach of playoffs at all times, and taking their opportunities when they are presented to them.

WEEK 8 Predictions – Made by Bolt of Erina Tribe:

Uranum 1-3 Concerto
Ember 2-2 The Veiled
Deathlok 1-3 Genesis
Fiat Multipla (1999) 2-2 Weeaboos
Erina Tribe 3-1 Valhalla
Sirius 2-2 Double-Tap
Concerto 1-3 Erina Tribe
The Veiled 2-2 Weeaboos
Genesis 1-3 Valhalla
Uranum 2-2 Fiat Multipla (1999)
Deathlok 2-2 Sirius
Ember 3-1 Double-Tap


Nezuko Gang once again ended another week in season 6 on top spot, despite losing 3-1 to bottom of the table Half-Flip in a shock result where Nezuko maybe got a little complacent and played their defined sub.
Meanwhile, Astro stays third and The Obscure jump up from 4th in the standings up into 2nd.
Sadly, just like in other tiers Ignite Esports Challenger team has also dropped. This sees Spark go from 2nd in the standings, down into 4th. They are however, still in the playoffs and with just 8 series left to play; they will want to make sure they remain there.

Playoff positions are shaken up yet again. We see Neptunium drop out from 6th to 7th.
Effectively trading places with Vauxhall Zafira (2000). Asgard has made good progress towards playoffs having a 6-2 week. This moves Asgard from 11th at the close of week 6 to 8th at the close of week 7.

Playoffs are still possible for 12th standing Half-Flip, but if they want to make it they will need to ensure back to back series sweeps. Not only would they need to deliver their own results but they would also rely on the other results going in their favour.

The team to keep an eye out for this week is Neptunium as they currently sit in seventh place. They will be keen on bouncing back and reclaiming 6th place and a ticket to the playoffs. It won’t be a simple task as they face off against 5th place Chorus and 6th place Vauxhall. This would completely shake up the top 6 providing the results go in their favour.

WEEK 8 Predictions – Made by GingyDex of Regulus:

Neptunium 2-2 Chorus
The Obscure 3-1 Spark
Astro 1-3 Borg
Vauxhall Zafira (2000) 2-2 Imoutos
Nezuko Gang 1-3 Asgard
Regulus 2-2 Half-Flip
Chorus 0-4 Nezuko Gang
The Obscure 4-0 Imoutos
Astro 2-2 Asgard
Vauxhall Zafira (2000) 3-1 Neptunium
Borg 2-2 Regulus
Spark 3-1 Half-Flip


Terra have made further advances towards Aerials top spot. They currently sit just 4 games away. Although, Aerial has the superior goal difference. Potter, now moving from Aerial to Terra is sure to shake things up at the top.

Further down the table Maika Faction jumped into 3rd, seeing Ford Mondeo (1994) dropping down into 4th. And again, in unsurprising fashion, Kindling of Ignite eSports have dropped further down. This is due to an inferior goal difference. Can they bounce back in week 8?

We have some interesting games this week that will completely change the playoff positions.
We will see Yggdrasil sitting in 5th will face off against 3rd place Maika Faction and 8th place Apollo. All three of these teams are in the fight for playoffs. So these results will affect the approach in the coming weeks.

Droid goes 3-5 in a better week compared to most. And with new signing Pander, they are looking to develop even further. However, sitting 5 games away from 11th it doesn’t seem like Droid will move from bottom anytime soon.

Playoffs will be a major focus this week for all teams. As there is only 4 weeks left, every win counts. As does every goal. Can Terra mount even more pressure or will Aerial sore even higher? And what about the lower playoff slots, can Apollo climb? Or will we see the likes of Yggdrasil, Kindling and Arcturus push further away?

WEEK 8 Predictions – Made by Potter of Terra:

Terra 4-0 Prelude
The Masked 2-2 Kindling
Apollo 3-1 Droid
Ford Mondeo (1994) 1-3 Otoutos
Maika Faction 3-1 Yggdrasil
Arcturus 1-3 Aerial
Prelude 1-3 Maika Faction
The Masked 2-2- Otoutos
Apollo 2-2 Yggdrasil
Ford Mondeo (1994) 1-3 Terra
Arcturus 3-1 Droid
Kindling 1-3 Aerial

Written by MasterssRL

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